Out of the Sighs

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About Lewis

Lewis is a playwright, director, actor, producer, poet and novelist.

When not writing in his shed, Lewis spends much of his time in the theatre, most recently as writer/director for his latest play Dream Boy, which premiered in June 2019.

He’s the co-founder of the Blue Sky Theatre & Arts Company, an initiative which facilitates the creative expression from individuals in recovery from addiction. In recent years they’ve produced several plays, an anthology of poetry and held photography exhibitions.


Drinking the Moon was his debut novel. His second novel, Out of the Sighs, was released in eight monthly instalments during 2020. The complete novel was published in 2021.


Lewis is currently working on his third novel and adapting his stage play of The Meeting for film.


Drinking the Moon

Out of the Sighs - Part One

Out of the Sighs


Drinking the Moon:

"A highly affecting and intimate novel, written with real empathy, bravery and insight."